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2017 Odysseus Contest Liberec Regional Event

The 2017 Odysseus Contest Liberec Regional will take place from 14th to 18th June 2017, at the iQLANDIA Science Center in Liberec, Czech Republic.

The Liberec Regional will gather the top Pioneers teams, winners at the national stage, of the Odysseus Contest Cycle II, organized during the 2016 – 2017 academic year. The Odysseus national finalists from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania will enjoy five days full of fun and Space related experiences and engaged in a space science challenge that enables them to showcase their skills, knowledge and talent.

The contestants will present their projects in front of the Jury Panel which will have a really hard task to select the Regional winners. Lecture about Space weather, orbital environment and space hardware testing are only a few of the educative programme activities with hands-on science laboratory experiments.

The national finalists will visit Microtron accelerator in Prague nuclear bunker, which is used for research with mixed radiation field similar to at Earths’ orbit and testing space hardware. Tour of the Ionospheric observatory in Průhonice with devoted explanations of ionospheric physics will demonstrate to the participants how the disturbed ionospheric propagation of satellite radio signals for navigation and telecommunication purposes have big influence on our daily life. The winners will be announced on 16th June, in the Liberec Regional Award Ceremony.