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2017 Odysseus Contest Soroe Regional

The 2017 Odysseus Contest Soroe Regional will take place from 15th to 17th June 2017, at the ScienceTalents Mærsk Mc-Kinney Møller Center in Soroe, Denmark.

ScienceTalents is an Education Center for children and teenagers with a special interest in science. The Center is located in a historical environment alongside Soroe Academy. An area where H.C. Andersen, amongst others, sought inspiration.

The Soroe Regional will gather the top Pioneers teams, winners at the national stage, of the Odysseus Contest Cycle II, organized during 2016 – 2017 academic year. The Odysseus national finalists from Denmark, Sweden, Finland and UK will enjoy three days full of fun and space-related experiences and engaged in a space science challenge that enabled them to showcase their skills, knowledge and talent.

The contestants will present their projects in front of the Jury Panel which will have a really hard task to select the Regional winners in both categories. The winners, will be announced on 17th June, in the Soroe Regional Award Ceremony.

  • Thursday 15 June
    • 13:30 Arrival at the Science Centre.
Sandwiches, welcoming and introduction to the camp by Odysseus-team/DTU Space and ScienceTalents.
    • 14:30 Teambuilding.
    • 15:00 Break.
    • 15:30 Space science lecture 1
    • 16:15 Space science lecture 2
    • 17:15 Before-dinner-break with Segway driving
    • 18:00 Dinner in the lobby at Soroe Academy
    • 18:45 Spacemovie on the big screen: ”Apollo 13” with introduction on manned spaceflights then and today by Mariann Albjerg and Steen Eiler, talent ambassador at ScienceTalents,
    • astrophysicist and president of the Danish Astronautical Society 2006-2016
    • 21:00 Cosy evening and get-together at the Talent Hotel.
    • 22:00 Goodnight
  • Friday 16 June
    • 08:00 Breakfast.
    • 09:00 Pioneers present their projects and get questions from the jury.
    • 12:00 Lunch in the lobby at Sorø Academy.
    • 13:00 Free time to visit the City of Soroe or Segway driving while the jury evaluate presentations, abstracts and projects.
    • 14:30 Winner of the Odysseus II contest announced by DTU Space director and astrophysicist. Ph.d. Kristian Pedersen at the Soroe Regional Award Ceremony.
    • 15:30 Break.
    • 16:00 Space science lecture 3:
    • 16:45 Break
    • 17:00 Space science lecture/demonstration/workshop 1:
    • 18:00 Dinner in the lobby at Sorø Academy.
    • 19:00 Space science lecture 4:
    • 20:00 Space science lecture 5:
    • 21:00 Cosy evening and get-together at the Talent Hotel. We bring out a telescope and discuss what we see in the sky (weather depending).
    • 22:00 Goodnight.
  • Saturday 17 June
    • 08:00 Breakfast.
    • 09:00 Space science lecture/demonstration/workshop 2: Rocket engines, rocket fuel, simulation of rocket motion and mini rocket construction and launch.
    • 12:00 Lunch.
    • 13:00 Space science lecture 6:
    • 14:30 Break.
    • 15:00 Final speech:”careers in Space science in Europe”
    • 15:15 Evaluation of the event.
    • 15:30 Departure for the airport.