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Carlota Fernandes


My name is Carlota Fernandes. I’m a 17 year old Social Economics student. Since I was younger I have had many distinguished likes, for example, drawing, sports, maths, space and socializing with friends and family.

Last year I was nominated the best companion of my school by the Rotary Club and, due to that, lived amazing moments. I’m also a volunteer in many different associations.

The best accomplishment of last year was winning the Odysseus II Contest, hosted by the European Space Agency, which brought me incredible international experiences.

What motivated you most to participate to Odysseus contest?

My will to learn more, to be self-thought, to get out of my daily routine, to think outside the box, to experience new adventures, to travel and get to know new cultures, to approach areas that I otherwise wouldn’t have, since I’m an Social Economics student.

What did you enjoy when you prepared your project?

What can I say?! I enjoyed every single thing of it, the team work, the co-operation needed, the learning process, the responsibility of running our own project. For example, the schedule needed, the budget management and the help from all entities.

What was the most important thing that you learned during the preparation of your project?

I have to choose, amongst others, the team co-operation.

Has the work done for your project affected your decision for studies in space science?

Yes it did, now, after the contest, I’m even more confused for what I want to follow in university. I just acquired a new possibility for my future.