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Jakub Popovič


My name is Jakub and I am 15 years old. I live in Slovakia and I am a member of team The Dreamers. I am studying at primary school. I have been interested in astronomy and space sciences since fifth grade.


  • ODYSSEUS II Contest (2016 – national winner)
  • Slovak competition “What do you know about the stars?” (2012 – regional round, 2014 – national round, 2015 – national round, 2016 – national round)
  • Astronomical seminary ( 2014/2015 – 4th prize, 2015/2016 – 2nd prize)
  • Geography Olympiad (2015)
  • Physics Olympiad (2016)
  • Czech-Slovak contest “Expedice Mars” (2016 – member of main crew)

What motivated you most to participate to Odysseus contest?

It was my team-mate. Because we were on summer astronomical camp and we were talking about Odysseus. And she told me that it could be fun to try this competition and we will have new experiences. So we joined this amazing contest and I do not regret it.

What did you enjoy when you prepared your project?

I enjoyed everything, because me and my team, made a project about something, what I want to do in my life and it was great feeling.

What was the most important thing that you learned during the preparation of your project?

I learned lots of new information about exoplanets and how to detect them. On the other hand, I learned, that we need to focus on the Earth and actual situation (wars, famine, deforestation and much more) in the world, too. Because we live here and now!

Has the work done for your project affected your decision for studies in space science?

The work for my project made me realize that this is what I want to do. It also showed me that I choose the best way to make my dream come true. I am really grateful for this opportunity, which has been given to me.