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Maria Constantinidou


Maria was born in Nicosia Cyprus in the 3rd of March 2004. She is now attending the first grade at Anthupolis Highschool. She has always been a girl with many interests (dancing, playing the piano, singing, swimming, reading and writing) but her big love is drawing and environmental studies. She took part in many Art Competitions. She won her first price in a school contest titled ″We love to live in a better environment″ in February 2014.  Her drawing became a graffiti at a schools’ wall. Two months later she won the first price in ESA’s competition ″Sentinel-1″. Her piece of art was sent to be a part of ESA exhibition. In 2016 Maria took part in Odysseus Contest II for the Skywalkers category and she was the National winner.

As Maria’s mother and grandparents are refugees from Argaki village in North Cyprus since 1974, Maria grew up having a desire to live in a free country and a wish to meet the occupied village and stay in her grandparents house. This desire made her take part in Morphou Municipality Art and Poetry competition in 2016. She won the second price for her poem ″Peace in Argaki”.

She believes that through the arts and her participation in similar competitions she widens her horizons, she learns more about the world and she becomes an integrated personality.