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Marios Koliolios


My name is Marios Koliolios. I am from Greece. I was born in Athens in 2005 and I’ve been living in Athens since then. I go to a private school called “Ellinogermaniki Agogi” and I am attending the sixth class of the primary school. I am an only child and I don’t have any sisters or brothers.

My mother, whose name is Irene, is a teacher and my father named Tasos is a dentist. I’ve got a pet-rabbit and I call it “Rubin”.

My hobbies are quite a lot. I like playing football and I am in my school football team. Also, I like running and I have participated in track events a lot of times. I am a good runner and I have won a lot of medals. I have to add that I like music as well. I have been playing violin for about seven years, and of course, I like painting most of all. My free time I usually play electronic games, playstation etc. but sometimes I play violin or read adventure books. I have got a lot of friends and I love travelling abroad and getting to know the customs and the culture of other countries. I hope to travel all over the world some day!