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Movilă Daniel


I am Daniel Movila, a third-year architecture student from Iasi, Romania, who has long been fascinated by the way architecture can play its role in the development of the space industry.

Since high-school, I have taken part in several projects concerning astronomy and space applications. In 2014, my team and I went to Greece to participate in a European project Commenius, which first introduced us to the notion of space exploration.

Furthermore, during past summers I’ve been taking part in architecture camps with a concern of environmental issues, such as Rosia Montana: a widely known case of mining gold using cyanide in Romania, from which I learnt the importance of new technologies to be developed and applied to daily usage.

I am very fond of the emerging technologies which will provide the basis of the future development, such as 3D printing (houses and more), Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and all tech involving the Internet of Things. Used correctly, and in use of solving strident global issues can represent a solution to the crisis we are currently striving to manage at a global or universal scale.

What motivated you most to participate in Odysseus contest?

I came across Odysseus contest (which marked my second year of architecture studies) through the astronomy group we used to have in high-school. The very thing that made me fully get into the project was the way architecture, with the material, engineering, space and technology related studies could participate in the mission of providing not only terrain shelter, but inter-planetary shelter: as outside the athmosphere we are homeless.

What did you enjoyed when you prepared your project?

The element of the utmost importance in my project was the work I put to carry out a 3D maquette, which would explain my concept in the front of the jury in seconds. Morover, I had to use software tools such as 3D Studio Max, Blender or SAAP Engineering to illustrate the behaviour of what I had been proposing.

Long story short, being the first time to work with a 3D printer was the thing I enjoyed the most while preparing my project.

What was the most important thing that you learned during the preparation of your project?

I can not decide if there was only one thing, or it was the fact that I learn software modelling, testing structural elements in dedicated software, 3D printing, using Google Scholar for scientific work or writing a scientific paper.

Has the work done for your project affected your decision for studies in space science?

As much as I would like to believe so, I didn’t manage to discover the common ground between architecture and the space industry. My distinction in the Odysseus Contest was :’’Thinking outside of the box’’- that’s what they said. But when this common ground will appear I will the first to get into it. Sometimes they get so focused on details that they miss the big picture.

Meanwhile I am trying to use my expertise I gained there and along with my architecture work of some years now to apply for a project regarding environmental issues. Maybe an important thing would be the fact that I decided to teem up with a colleague I met in Odysseus contest, at Explorers category. I new that the people I met there could get a job done.