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Naďa Ďurišová


Born on 17.01.2007 in town New Castle (Slovak Nové Zámky) Slovak Republic – member state of EÚ.

Present attended elementary school Karola Strmeňa in village Palárikovo (distric Nové Zámky)

Likes participate in math competitions and in competitions requiring general knowledge. In free time likes reading books.


What motivated you most to participate to Odysseus contest?

My motivation to participate to Odysseus was my curiosity and the opportunity to participate in the competition. Also my motivation was my father.

What did you enjoyed when you prepared your project?

I have read many books about the cosmic, space rockets and about planets. It was a new experience.

What was the most important thing that you learned during the preparation of your project?

Very important thing was, that I found out, that we used old space shuttles and rocket engines to travel to space. On the picture from 60´s was the rocket same like from present.

Has the work done for your project affected your decision for studies in space science?

Yes. In the future I want to study natural Science.