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Radoslaw Paluch


I was born on the 17th March,  1999. My home city is Świętochłowice in the Silesia region, Poland. When I was four years old I had my first contact with space science. I visited the Silesian Planetarium and it made a huge impression on me. Since then I have been getting more and more into physics and astronomy. When I was a student of a junior high school I took part in the Regional Physics Contest in 2015 and I won a finalist status.

I got high results in mathematical and science exams at the end of my junior high school and I  graduated a High School in Katowice- a school famous for its high level of teaching math and physics. In 2016 I took part in the Odysseus Contest and got status of international finalist.

What motivated you most to participate to Odysseus contest?

The biggest motivation for me to participate in the contest was the great possibility to take part in a huge space connected event, to meet other young people with the same interests and to widen my knowledge about space science.

What did you enjoy when you prepared your project?

I enjoyed the feeling of acting like an engineer, designing and building our device from the first design to the final model.  Another great thing was knowing the limits of my abilities and discovering that I could learn something new and expand my knowledge.

I was also able to test my language skills during the presentations and that gave me a great chance to improve my English.

What was the most important thing that you learned during the preparation of your project?

I suppose it was learning about and working on the advanced astrophysics laws and formulas such as Hohmann transfer maneuver or Tsiolkovsky rocket equation.  Another important thing was learning how to work with a partner as a team and to conduct discussions that could lead to better solutions of technical and theoretical problems.

Has the work done for your project affected your decision for studies in space science?

It gave me a taste of engineering work and showed me how complicated and complex space conquering is. I am sure that thanks to this contest I am able to imagine what it’s like to work in space connected sectors. Taking part in the contest has given me a lot of things to think over. It will come very useful when it is time for making decisions  about my studies.