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Topias Zein


Topias Zein is 20 years old and represented Finland at the regional semi-finals in Soroe, Denmark, last year in the Explorers category.

Topias was already experienced in the space community prior to his participation in the contest.

Some of the British participants at the regional semi-finals in Denmark he already knew beforehand from other space related science camps where they have met. Topias says that meeting other people sharing his interest and participate in common activities to find inspiration was the best part of the Odysseus contest.

After the competition in Sorø last spring he went for a second internship at Luxembourg based SES Satellites.

After spending a year at the University of Luxembourg, he is now studying Energy and Environment at Aalto University in Finland to become a Bachelor of Science and Technology in 2018.

Topias participated with the project Lunar Base on how to build a long stay base on the moon. The project was honored for having the best usage of space knowledge basics.