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Network of Mentors

How it works

In order to provide contestants in the Pioneers and Explorers categories the best possible support and guidance, the Odysseus II Contest organizers will create and mobilize a network of volunteer mentors. Contestants could ask for support from mentors in this network, but if any of the participants wish to work with a mentor that is not on the list, they are also allowed to find their own mentors outside the network provided by the organizers.  Mentors can act as advisors for as many submissions as they are asked to support.

What can a mentor offer?

Mentors should provide support to contestants by giving technical and scientific advice. Mentors may define the framing of a suitable project or problem for the contestants to investigate. They should not create any of the project content that is submitted to the contest for evaluation.

Who are the mentors?

Mentors are people with special science and space-related expertise and knowledge (e.g. teachers, researchers, professors, technicians) and usually work, or have worked in space industry, or as researchers, teachers or science popularizer. Mentors included in the network will be professionals validated by the Odysseus contest organizers.

How to contact a mentor?

Below you can find a map with information on the location of the mentors. If you click on a pin, their names and contact details will appear. You can contact a mentor by sending an e-mail to the given e-mail address.

Volunteer Mentors Registration

If you would like to register as a Volunteer Mentor, please click on the registration box and follow the instructions. We are pleased to welcome you to the Odysseus II contest!