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Languages and Regions

  • Entries to the Odysseus II contest can be in any of the 24 official languages of the EU, for teams and contestants from EU member countries.
  • The EU member countries will be split into 7 to 10 regions for the second round of judging. These regions include some neighbouring non-EU. Non-EU countries will be assigned to one of the 10 regions by the organizers when entries have been submitted.
  • For the presentation of their entries in the regional semi-finals all teams from the European Union will have access to translators / interpreters, provided by the local Odysseus II contest organizers. It will be helpful if each team has an English-speaking teacher-leader, but not obligatory.
  • If the entry makes it to the final round of the contest, the contestants must provide a full translation into English of the entry for judging, if the entry was originally submitted in another language.
  • No translators or interpreters will be provided by the Odysseus II contest for teams from outside the European Union. These teams must present their work, written and oral, in English or in one of the languages of the EU countries participating in the regional semi-final.