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  • The Odysseus II contest is organized by an international consortium of institutions from 10 EU countries, funded by the European Commission and managed by the Signosis consulting company, Brussels. A full list of consortium members is published on the Odysseus II Contest website and other communication channels and social media selected by the organizers.
  • The organizers provide the web-based infrastructure with which the contestants register their participation and submit their projects for evaluation. Voting for the best Skywalker pictures in each country will also be done through the Odysseus II Contest website.
  • The local organizers in each EU country will arrange a mentor network as a resource to contestants in the ‘Pioneer’ and ‘Explorer’ categories.
  • The organizers will request information about the participants’ gender and nationality, but this information will be used for statistical purposes only, not as participation or judging criteria.
  • The organizers will also publish on the website information about the degree of participation in the contest by country, age, and gender.
  • The organizers reserve the right to modify or amend the prizes, rules, terms and conditions of the contest at any time, if they can demonstrate just cause.


  • The prizes of the Odysseus II Contest winners and runners-up are non-negotiable and non-transferable. A cash equivalent cannot be substituted for the prizes.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to request the return of a prize, within half a year of it being awarded, if a team or individual ‘Explorer’ entrant has been discovered to be in breach of the rules set out in this document.