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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Odysseus II?

Odysseus II is a European project, funded by the European Commission.  Its main objective is the organization of a pan-European contest for pupils and students between the age of seven (7) and twenty-two (22) years on Space exploration and Space science. Although a pan-European contest pupils and students from non-EU countries could also participate.

I want to register a pupil in the contest – How do I join Odysseus II?

You can REGISTER a pupil by submitting your email and your selected password in the relevant section of the Odysseus II Contest website.  After entering your email and password you should select the category Skywalkers and accept the rules of the Odysseus II contest.  You must verify your account by clicking to the link that you will automatically receive by email. Then you should LOGIN and fill in your details and the details of the pupil in the form provided.

Do I need to fulfil any additional requirements to register a pupil in the Odysseus II contest?

Yes, the parent or the legal guardian should sign and provide a parental consent form allowing the pupil to participate in the Odysseus II contest and agreeing on the rules of the contest. In order to be eligible a pupil to participate the registration should be done before the 31st of March 2017.

 How old does the pupil have to be to participate in the Odysseus II contest?

Participants on Skywalker category should have been born on or between 1st April 2003 and 31st March 2010.

How do I submit an entry?

You must have registered, then logged in to upload the entry by clicking on the Submit your Entry link.

Can I submit more than one entry?

No, you can submit only one entry per contestant. But you may submit up to fifty (50) pictures from fifty (50) different Skywalker contestants, so long as the parental consent is given for each one. This applies perfectly for teachers with big classes.

What do I do if I forget my password to the Odysseus II Platform?

There is a “Forgot Your Password” link on the Log in page. Click on that and a new password will be sent to your registered e-mail address for Odysseus II account.

When do I have to submit the entry?

You need to submit the entry from 1st September 2016 until 23:59:59 CET of 31st March 2017. The Odysseus Contest II organizers recommend that you submit your entry upon completion without waiting until the deadline date.

 Can you help me uploading an entry to the Odysseus II Platform?

Yes; you should follow the instructions provided in the Submit your Entry link.  If you have any questions or if you need help in uploading an entry, please fill in and submit the contact form and the organizers will help you securing that your entry will be uploaded appropriately.

Can I view the other entries submitted in the Odysseus II contest?

Yes, all entries could be viewed on the Odysseus II website at the Gallery page, after the deadline for submitting an entry.

 How will I be notified if an entry that I submitted will win?

Winners will be announced on the Odysseus II website.

What are the prizes?

The winners for the Junior Skywalkers and the Senior Skywalkers categories, chosen at the International Final, will both receive an iPad tablet with space-related e-books and applications, and a ‘European Youth Space Ambassador’ diploma, sent directly to their home or school. For full details on the prizes, please also see the Prizes section of the Skywalkers page.